Marcel Vigneron, Jarrid Masse, Devon Espinos Marcel Vigneron, Jarrid Masse, Devon Espinos

Comparing Top Chef and Marcel's Quantum Kitchen is like apples and oranges. One's a competition show and the other, a candid series chronicling Marcel Vigneron working his molecular gastronomy magic in his catering business. But there is no doubt which show allows the two-time Top Chef-testant to flex his culinary muscles more.

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen is "like Entourage" with foam

"I'm looking forward to [fans] getting to see a completely different side of me that you never get the opportunity to do so on Top Chef," Vigneron tells "We do some pretty cool stuff on the show. Because we're catering these really elaborate parties, I feel like the sky's the limit whereas ... on

Top Chef there's only so much you can do in seven minutes and 26 seconds or whatever the Quickfire is."On the Syfy series, Vigneron and his team whip up avant-garde menus based on themes of each client's event. But things don't always go smoothly in the test kitchen. Check out Vigneron's interview below to see which failed dish he would like to try again and exactly how much foam you'll see this season.