Mac (Rob McElhenney) will finally be out and proud on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which begins its 13th season Sept. 5 on FXX. After many, many years denying his sexuality to the gang of insane misfits he pollutes the world with, Mac is finally ready to live his best life and be his best self. He's now got abs rivaling those of a Greek statue, he's coming out to his dad and yes, he is getting a boyfriend. Yup. Sorry to break the news Mac fans: the ultra-violent, terrible tattoo having, serial crime-committing catch is about to be off the market.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Mac Finally Comes Out

"I think finally we're going to have to have Mac have a love interest," McElhenney told TV Guide Tuesday at the Season 13 premiere in Los Angeles. Granted, this won't be happening anytime soon: Mac's "gay journey," as it were, concludes this season with Mac coming out to his father, which TV Guide hears is not going to go well at all. But as Sunny continues, Mac is going to continue living his authentic self as a gay man, which of course means finding Amanda Huginkiss. So what kind of dude would Mac be likely to make his boo?

Rob McElhenney, It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaRob McElhenney, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

"I think we have to make it surprising," McElhenney said. Kaitlin Olson, McElhenney's wife and co-star who was with him at the premiere, added, "We wouldn't want to go stereotypical, Rex," she said, referencing the handsome and suave frequent Sunny guest star T.J. Hoban.

Well, yeah. This is Always Sunny we're talking about after all, so if you're expecting Mac to get with some respectable, good-looking guy with whom Mac can have lovely dinners and eventually get a dog, you have clearly never watched this show. They haven't figured it out yet, but they're thinking on it. "He'll probably be something completely opposite of what Mac would think right now," Olson said. "Maybe Dennis will get jealous!"

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FXX.