Part of the fun of watching The Amazing Race's bickering couples is trying to figure out why they're even together. Indeed, the race has run over many a relationship — as well as the warring team's chances of winning. How can lovebirds like Rob and Amber avoid the same romantic pitfalls? We asked a few Race alumni for their advice.
Reichen and Chip
The finish line: These Season 4 winners broke up after the race; they're still friends. What went wrong: "We started to get frustrated with each other," Chip says. Reichen's response? "I wouldn't let Chip near a map after he got us lost getting to L.A.!" Their advice: "It's OK to let out a little tension and yell," Chip says, "but don't stay angry." Reichen warns: "If you're going to fight, don't do it in front of the other teams. It empowers them."

Hayden and AaronThe finish line: They made fourth place in Season 6 and got engaged at their final pit stop. The relationship hit rough patches afterward, but the wedding is now back on track. What went wrong: Hayden regrets that she "always went into panic mode." "When things went bad," Aaron groans, "I'd have to try to fix that and then fix Hayden." Their advice: "Be respectful and consider each other's feelings," Hayden says. "Avoid name-calling." Aaron points out that "it's definitely easier to go with a friend."

Adam and RebeccaThe Finish Line: They made third place in Season 6. Since they were already estranged when they started, the race was the final nail in the coffin; they're still friends. What went wrong: "I wanted to do everything because I didn't believe in him enough," Rebecca admits. "That hurt us." Adam laments, "Rebecca was not supportive. It's hard to keep going when your partner loses patience." Their advice: "You have to have respect for your partner," Rebecca says. "Try to be patient and supportive of the person doing a task," Adam echoes. "And maybe even give up a challenge for your partner."

Alison and DonnyThe finish line: These two landed in 11th place back in Season 5. They broke up after the race, and they're not on speaking terms. (Donny declined to be interviewed for this story.) What went wrong: "He would call me 'idiot' and 'stupid blond.' He couldn't handle not making all the decisions," Alison gripes. Her advice: "Consider each other equals and be allies."

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