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In this sneak peek image, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) gets some much-needed advice from co-workers on how to pop the big question. "He's paralyzed by wanting it to be the perfect proposal — and perfect in a 'Michael Scott' way," executive producer Paul Lieberstein tells TV Guide Magazine. "Pam catches him in one of his early attempts, which is to spell out 'Will you marry me?" in gasoline in the parking lot — which he plans to light on fire!"

"Garage Sale," airing March 24, marks the final appearance of Amy Ryan, who plays Michael's ladylove, Holly Flax. "When she first started, we had no contract past that first episode," says Lieberstein, who admits Ryan could have just ended up a dayplayer. "But it was how she clicked with the show and with Steve. Her realistic style of acting and comedy fit the tone perfectly. We had to keep writing her."

But will Holly accept this possibly flammable offer of marriage? "I don't really want to give it away," says Lieberstein. Only one thing is still certain: With only four Steve Carrel episodes left — whether his character clears out of The Office alone or with a fiancée — no one will ever use the line "That's what she said!" without remembering the Dunder Mifflin manager. "Yes, it's hard to say that one without invoking Michael Scott," laughs Lieberstein.

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