Off-screen, Lord of the Rings' elfin enchantress, Liv Tyler, is deliriously happy with her hubby of nearly a year, Spacehog front man Royston Langdon. But in her reel life, her heart belongs to Armageddon leading man Ben Affleck, whom she reunites with in Kevin Smith's romantic comedy Jersey Girl (opening March 26).

"Out of all the actors I've ever worked with, I feel particularly comfortable with Ben," Tyler tells TV Guide Online. "We have some sort of special chemistry. I don't even know what chemistry means or where it comes from, but it feels very natural for us to be back together."

Affleck sums up their professional relationship in a slightly different way: "I was talking to Liv and she was like, 'It's weird, but I think we do have good chemistry together'," he recalls. "I think what she wanted to say was that it's weird to have good chemistry with someone that you are not attracted to in real life. She was sort of too polite to go all the way and say it, but it's true."

But even Tyler admits she got a case of the butterflies when it came time for her and Affleck to disrobe for their Jersey Girl shower sequence. "It is always nerve-wracking doing any kind of love scene or make-out scene," Tyler admits. "But I feel really comfortable with Ben. You just try and let go and have fun with it."