How's that for a headline?

Real quick, because I gotta jet. But I had the thought that Lindsay Lohan's "comeback vehicle," once she dries out and whatnot, could be the Jenna Jameson biopic that has been getting shopped around to assorted starlets. (For the uninitiated, Ms. Jameson is an adult film star and author of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, on which the film in question is based.) Scarlett Johansson has said no to the gig, as has apparently Jessica Simpson, but there is buzz that the project could prove to be Oscar fodder for the right actress (and, obviously, with an especially capable production team).

Because let's face it - a lot of people have written LiLo off, arguing that she has crossed a line, partied too hard and been involved in too many infractions to be taken seriously anymore. Or at least for now.

This Jameson bio, meanwhile, will likely be indie fare, so what if Lindsay came in under the radar, acted the bejesus out of the thing - giving some seemingly heartless subject matter a real, emotional tug - and showed up her detractors? Say what you will about Lohan's personal antics, but she has sensuality in spades, and some acting chops to boot. She could do this, if she seized the day.

Just a thought.