I would like first to clarify something I wrote in my Watercooler recap of the season finale back in May, since I got a few feedback replies about it. When I referred to George telling Olivia he had syphilis and I called her Mayim Bialik, I was kidding. One of my many middle names, which you'll know if you've read my Being Bobby Brown recaps, is "Sarcastic." Olivia was actually played by Sarah Utterback, an utter Mayim clone. OK, got that out of the way. Awesome season premiere. I love that we now know that Addison Shepherd was the actual cheater in the marriage with McDreamy, not the one being cheated on and she cheated with his best friend! Why do I keep relating to the characters I write about? I had a similar experience once (and it was an extremely hurtful experience), so I know exactly how McDreamy feels. The fact that he's McSeparated and not still McMarried makes him look so much less like a McJerk. Meredith still ain't havin' it, though but I bet that changes in future weeks.

Meanwhile, back at the Cristina ranch, she has got to tell Dr. Burke she's pregnant especially since the bastard just dumped her. And I was happy that George stood up for himself and refused to be the "sponge" for Dr. Webber. Alex hugging George was a great moment at the end. But the best moment of the entire episode was Addison shockingly defending Meredith to the patient who was just cheated on by her husband. Kate Walsh kicks butt as Addison, and I hope she sticks around. She adds spice to an already hot show. And finally, in the "obscure guest star" department, I must point out that Joe the bartender was played by Steven W. Bailey. If you think he looked familiar, maybe it's because he was the title character of Fox's "reality" show My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé. Obscure with a capital O!