Following reports that he'd created a hostile work environment on the set of Fox's Lethal Weapon, after which he issued an apology for jeopardizing the future of the series, Clayne Crawford has officially been replaced for the show's third season, and fans are not happy about the decision.

Sure, it means that the show has survived the veritable slaughter session that has seen many other fan favorites get the ax instead of renewal, but with Seann William Scott coming in to replace the actor, some Lethal Weapon fans just don't see the point of the series proceeding without Crawford.

Shortly after the news was revealed, social media exploded with tuts and hisses from viewers who are still totally Team Clayne. For these fans, there simply is no show without Crawford to star as the loose cannon Martin Riggs — a character which was originated by Mel Gibson in the four-part film series of the '80s and '90s.

Of course, there are also some people who seem more bothered by this near-universal audience reaction than the news itself, considering the potential gravity of the claims made against the actor.

For his part, Crawford says he's grateful to have played the "dream role" of Riggs and wishes the continuing cast and crew the best of luck on the third season.

Prior to the official firing on Sunday, Crawford had spent the last few days re-posting and responding to those who've spoken out to show support for the embattled actor.

Lethal Weapon will return for Season 3 on Fox next season. The first two seasons are available to stream on Hulu.