Jay Leno Jay Leno

Jay Leno apparently decided against addressing Conan O'Brien's refusal to move The Tonight Show back a half-hour and follow Leno's return to 11:35 p.m.

Unlike on Monday, he started The Jay Leno Show with material that had nothing to do with him and the upheaval at NBC, cracking a couple notable jokes about his own program, according to pre-airtime transcripts:

Letterman's monologue: "I knocked off another competitor"

"As I'm sure you know, NBC announced they are pulling the plug on this show on our show Feb. 12. Here's the amazing part. That is the exact date that the Mayan calendar predicted we would go off the air. ...

"I have to tell you: The folks here at NBC don't handle these things well. They don't have a lot of tact. Like after they canceled the show they told me if I put on 10 pounds I can get on The Biggest Loser. That didn't seem right."