Lee DeWyze Lee DeWyze

Just because Lee DeWyze wasn't asked to perform on Wednesday night's American Idol finale, he didn't want to present Scotty McCreery the trophy as some sort of consolation prize.

"I didn't want them to throw me a bone because I didn't perform," DeWyze tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Nigel Lythgoe: Lee DeWyze was asked to present Idol trophy a week before

The day after the Idol finale, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe tweeted his disappointment that the Season 9 winner didn't go on stage to present McCreery with the winner's trophy. An online Twitter war ensued.

DeWyze  thought the last-minute scramble to bring him up on stage was "inappropriate and kind of ridiculous." Lythgoe attributed his refusal to being shy, but DeWyze says, "If he or anyone thinks that I'm a shy person, just sit with me for a minute and talk to me, you'll find out very quickly that I'm not. Why he said that, I can't speak for him."

Nigel Lythgoe "so upset" that Lee DeWyze refused to present Idol trophy

Although the singer claims he's not mad at Lythgoe, he certainly doesn't want to hang out with the man any time soon.

"Since he took it publicly, I wasn't just going to lay down ...  it's clear to me that shots were taken," he says. "I can't say there's anything that's made me want to go have a drink with the guy ...  But I'm over it. All I can do is accept it and move on."