Las Vegas
I don't even know what to freakin' say. I'm speechless, stupefied even! So Moth Woman Monica (

Lara Flynn Boyle) complete with wings and a hideous outfit goes flying off the Montecito rooftop to what I presume is her death. I just knew the girl should have spent more time snacking on sandwiches. Still, I feel like I stepped into Crazy Land watching all this too-silly-for-words

Sin City stuff play out. That's Sin City in the Robert Rodriguez does Frank Miller kinda way. Although at times, I thought I was watching a Batman rerun POWs, KABLAMs and all. Just a few thoughts:
  • The Montecito Jingle: When the autistic savant kept going over to the monitor to hear Monica's jingle, I thought the song sounded a lot like Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me." I think this is fairly appropriate considering Mike and Danny's high-tech security spread.
  • Sam and her ex-BF at the funeral: The two evil you-know-whats were fighting over the dead casino host's body to get his precious black book of whales. OK, that's another over-the-top scene using a dead body in a casket as a prop. Did anyone catch Bree on Desperate Housewives earlier this season? I think we have us a trend!
  • Jake: Welcome back, Bailey Chase! I was beginning to think that Mary and Jake's entire relationship and breakup was going to happen off screen! Too bad he showed up only to have Mary dump him on his adorable behind.
  • A few quickies: The Green Phantom? More like George of the Jungle! The playing of Styx's "Come Sail Away" loved it. Dennis DeYoung's voice gets to me every time. And then there was Sam's ex-hubby working with Ed. Excuse me: I like the twist, but when did NBC become the Dean Cain network of choice? I just saw him playing the bad guy on Law & Order: SVU last week!