"That mother---er did it," Larry Wilmore declared about Bill Cosby on the second episode of his new Comedy Central series The Nightly Show.

Wilmore then spent the next eight minutes discussing the sexual assault allegations against the comedian, specifically the fact that, despite 35 women coming forward, many still refuse to believe Cosby did anything wrong. "Really, folks. How many more do we need?" Wilmore said. "Let's understand this number, OK? That's like if Bill Cosby drugged and raped every single U.S. President from George Washington to John F. Kennedy."

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Regarding Cosby's decision to continue his poorly named Far From Finished comedy tour, Wilmore noted the bizarrely meek way Cosby reacted to a Canadian heckler during one of his recent shows. Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard then joined Wilmore to discuss Cosby's "Stop it. Shh... Shh" response.

"I've been doing comedy for 20 years. I've seen a lot of alleged criminals on stage. That doesn't mean your act has to be sloppy," Yard said. "If you can't handle a Canadian heckler, it's time to get out of the game."