Harrison Ford is probably grumpier than usual this morning. His new submarine drama K-19: The Widowmaker was torpedoed at the box office over the weekend, debuting in fourth place with a meager $13.1 million. Adding insult to injury, Ford got crushed by a talking mouse. Yes,

Stuart Little 2 debuted at No. 1 with $15.6 million, just a whisker ahead of Road to Perdition (No. 2 with $15.57 million). Benefitting from positive word-of-mouth, the acclaimed gangster epic — starring Oscar shoo-ins Tom Hanks and Paul Newman — slipped just 29 percent in its second weekend. And after two weeks at No. 1, Men in Black II fell to third place with $15 million; its 19-day total stands at $158.6 million. Meanwhile, audiences experienced a severe case of arachnophobia when it came to David Arquette's Eight Legged Freaks. The campy spider flick opened in seventh place with $6.7 million.