I knew this family edition wasn't a good idea. Watching the racers drive through Alabama to Hattiesburg, Mississippi (and yes, I still spell that to music) stopping only to get clues and take a gander at the world's largest office chair left my mind to wander. Because I was bored. Driving does not a compelling race make. Nor does a giant chair. And tell me the producers did not send the racers to a trailer park in Ole Miss! Anyway, things were dull enough to have the Linzes moon other teams for fun. This week's roadblock involved peddling a weird multiperson bike around the speedway at Talladega and the detour was to play blackjack or, get this, saw through wood. These tasks were so challenging, so interesting, that I couldn't take my eyes off (excuse me, I just yawned) the telly. Something's wrong when the Bransens, arguably the team with the most easily winded racer, keep coming in first. Their prize for this achievement was a trip to Orlando. Omigod, that's like, the most exciting prize ever! Not. I'm really missing the international vibe that used to make this show hum. Instead this road trip is lulling me to sleep like a long car ride. I'd say the Schroeders getting eliminated in their home state with the clue a mere half hour from their house was the most entertaining part of the show. I'd be really annoyed if I missed out on a million-dollar prize on a scavenger hunt in my backyard. So I feel your pain, Schroeders, but I'm still tickled by it. One last thing, and this one's for Mrs. Weaver: Lake Pontchartrain is not one of the five Great Lakes. The good news is you're only a SASE away from the atlas I've got right here for you. Honest.