Kirstie Alley by Mark Sullivan/ Kirstie Alley by Mark Sullivan/
Kirstie Alley may be launching her own weight-loss brand, but she's still fighting a tabloid's allegation that she was released from her spokeswoman role at Jenny Craig because she was too fat. The former Fat Actress star recently ended her three-year stint with the Craig weight-loss company, saying that she had maintained her 75-pound sheddage for over a year and was moving on. Alley's recent departure came as two new spokeswomen -

Valerie Bertinelli and Queen Latifah - were signed on as the new faces of the brand. In the Feb. 25 issue, the National Enquirer claimed that Alley was fired for her weight, but she's shooting back. "[It's] hurtful and harmful to me," she said. "I'm going to litigate." Lucky for the rest of us couch potatoes, the suit is not expected to hold up her plans to turn "fat America back into a fit America." - Anna Dimond Get the Skinny on Kirstie: " One Day Star Shares One Day of Her Own Life with Oprah " Kirstie Alley (Minus Jenny Craig) to Turn "Fat America" Fit