Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

NBC's new Wonder Woman pilot from David E. Kelley will put a new spin on the role Lynda Carter embodied from 1975-79 — three identities, each with her own love interest.

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In addition to Wonder Woman's mousy alias, Diana Prince, she will have a third, more powerful persona named Diana Themyscira, the confidant C.E.O. of Themyscira Industries. But it appears this Diana has placed her company in the hands of trusted confidant Henry Demeter, a 40-something man who runs Themyscira's day-to-day operations. While this fella has been a father figure to Diana, he could be a future contender for her heart. Also vying for Diana's affections is Ed Indelicato, a blue-collar tough guy slightly younger than Henry who has close ties to the police department. But it appears this stoic hunk is too devoted to his job to show Diana much attention beyond professional devotion.

And fear not Wonder Woman loyalists. Added in the mix is Diana's longtime boyfriend from the DC Comics. Steve Trevor, played as a military major by Lyle Waggoner back in the '70s, is being re-conceptualized as a thirty-something veteran of the army who now works in the Justice Department.

Serving as Diana's confidants are a pair of ladies named Myndi and Etta. Best friend Myndi Mayer is a sexy 30-something press secretary who dresses to the nines. She's the one who encourages Diana to get out there and meet men. Etta, also in her 30s, is Diana Themyscira's sunny personal assistant who is always supporting her boss.

As for the Amazon herself, producers will be looking for a muscular actress in her late 20s to 30s with flowing black hair and blue eyes who is able to kick butt. This Amazonian princess from Paradise Island fights for justice but also dreams of living a more normal existence. To me, this sounds like a dead-on description of Transformers hottie Megan Fox (though at age 24, she's a bit younger).

Would you like to see Megan inherit the lasso and gold armbands Lynda Carter wore so well way back when? If not, tell us your princess pick.

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