New Girl New Girl

For its first Valentine's Day episode, Fox's New Girl is getting a hot-blooded addition courtesy of True Blood's Ryan Kwanten (aka Jason Stackhouse). In the February 14 episode, Zooey Deschanel's Jess goes cruising at a bar in search of an emotion-free one-night stand and encounters Ryan's Oliver. "I save her from choking on a cherry," teases Ryan, who says Zooey welcomed him on set with open arms. "But he loves talking about food and turns out to be one of the most boring guys she's ever dated."

As for his own V-Day history, Ryan tells me, "I've been single for so long that Valentine's Day seems like just another day." All together now: Awww....

The nights will be far steamier for Mr. Kwanten this summer when True Blood returns for its fifth insane season. "I'm already back shooting," he says. "Jason is definitely treading into uncharted territories with Jessica. For once, his one-track mind is focused on love." Wouldn't it be a shame if his ex-flame — Reverend Newlin's wife, Sarah — were to reappear in Bon Temps and mess everything up?

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