Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy

The new TV season is heating up as TV's top shows search for new names to attract more eyeballs. As if it didn't have enough eye candy already, Grey's Anatomy has feelers out for a sexy actor to play Andrew Perkins, a forty-something trauma counselor.

For its third season premiere, titled "Red Sky At Night," CBS's The Mentalist wants an actor to play Gale Bertram, the new director of the Attorney General's Office. The role is expected to last at least five episodes.

And Showtime's Weeds is hunting for three actors of Arabic descent to fill the roles of Daoud, Adara and Rida. In the new season, Nancy's family is on the run, and Andy (Justin Kirk) turns to Daoud Mahmud in hopes of securing some passports. Hmm...could Weeds be planning a Sex and the City 2-style Middle Eastern adventure? Not sure how well joints would sell over there, Nancy,...and I don't want to even think about the punishment if you're caught!

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