Jesse Williams Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams tells me his new deal as a Grey's Anatomy series regular for season seven is bittersweet, what with half of his fellow Mercy West docs having fallen victim to the shocking season finale serial shooter. Amazingly, Jesse says that killed off co-stars Nora Zehetner (Dr. Reed Adamson) and Robert Baker (Dr. Charles Denman) hadn't been clued in about their fates before the entire cast sat down to read the script together.

"We all discovered what was happening at the same time at the table read," says Jesse. "We literally were reading and skimming forward to see how we fared. I did not know if I was going to get shot."

When Nora read her death scene there was an awkward feeling in the room. "We all shared glances and caught each others eyes," tells Jesse. "It was very mysterious." Nora then had to just sit there for the next hour as the living cast continued reading their lines. Then the creep factor doubled when Robert read his character's dying words. Jesse admits he didn't know what to say to his friends. "Those things get kind of delicate. I talked to Robert about how he really did an amazing job. He got people to get behind his character and feel for Charles as he was dying."

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