Josh Holloway Josh Holloway

The small screen hasn't been the same without Josh Holloway, who wrapped his role as Lost's Sawyer in 2010. He returns to series TV next year in the new CBS sci-fi thriller Intelligence. Here's what he's been up to.

1. He's been busy raising his 4-year-old daughter, Java. "I can now make finger puppets and am into all sorts of other arts and crafts."

2. He wrote a kids' movie. "It's called CaliFURnia Dreamin', and it's about animals coming from different parts of the world to make it in Hollywood." 

3. He also wrote an adult comedy feature called Scribble, which he says was inspired by The Big Lebowski. "It's about information [stored] in the head of a pen that can bring down the government. Everyone is after it."  

4. He's now a zombie fan after "a marathon viewing of The Walking Dead."

5. He got tech-savvy. "I bought a laptop to get up to speed on the technological world," which will come in handy since he plays a spy with a computer chip in his brain on Intelligence

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