The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies and John Bernthal The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies and John Bernthal

Walking Dead: Lori and Shane's pre-zombiepocalypse life will be revealed this fall. "It was fun to step out of the zombie world and show Lori with a BlackBerry," says Sarah Wayne Callies. "The scene underscores how deeply Lori and Shane love [her son] Carl, plus I hope it will finally put to bed the ridiculous rumors that an affair was going on before [Lori's husband and Shane's friend] Rick 'died.'" Additionally, creator Robert Kirkman is considering penning a Dead graphic novel, "Volume Zero," that would show just how the two went from grieving friends to lovers.

Nikita: A key flashback comes in Episode 6, involving Nikita's biological parents, whom viewers have never seen. "We're going into her origins," teases executive producer Craig Silverstein. "She's searching for home and will find one that is unlike anything she ever imagined." Her backstory will show Nikita as a teenage junkie, introduce her old female mentor and show how she was recruited into Division. "It's going to blow fans' minds," says star Maggie Q.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Executive producer Shane Brennan says the September 20 premiere includes a flashback to "Callen with his never-before-seen mother in a location we've seen before." Brennan pre-shot a scene last year with Chris O'Donnell's son, Finley, 5, as little Callen. "My son didn't know what was going on at the time and neither did I," admits Chris. "Not until I read the season-premiere script did I realize what Shane had done. It's pretty amazing."

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