Katy Perry Katy Perry

Jeers to Katy Perry for turning from "Teenage Dream" into a nightmare on Raising Hope.

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The "Firework" diva fizzled in her guest shot as Rikki Hargrove, a prison guard with frizzy red hair and a moustache to match who tortured Sabrina (real-life galpal Shannon Woodward) after she was incarcerated for kneeing a cop in the nuts at an "Occupy Natesville" protest. Somehow, she managed to seem even more grotesquely unfunny than Cloris Leachman's Maw Maw when she burned her prehistoric bra at the demonstration. (Jennifer Aniston has better luck with a boob-baring civil-disobedience gag in Wanderlust.)

Just as she did on How I Met Your Mother and SNL — not to mention in her colorless vocal role as The Smurfs' Smurfette — Perry displayed a shocking lack of timing. Maybe she should leave the comic acting to her estranged husband Russell Brand.

What did you think of Katy Perry on Raising Hope — hot or cold?

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