Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin

You'd think CNN would have learned its lesson last year.

The cable news channel once again teamed reality show star/comedian Kathy Griffin with anchor Anderson Cooper to host its New Year's Eve coverage in Times Square. And just like at last year's ball-dropping, Griffin let a naughty word slip on-air.

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While discussing the Balloon Boy hoax with Cooper, Griffin dropped an F-word as she jokingly mispronounced Falcon Heene's name. (Watch the video below).A year ago, as CNN's coverage went to commercial break, Griffin yelled at an off-camera heckler: "I'm working. I don't go to your job and knock the di--s out of your mouth."Cooper laughed off the incident Thursday night, but the real question is this: Will Griffin forfeit her paycheck as promised for her slip-up?