Joe E. Tata by Justin Kahn/ Joe E. Tata by Justin Kahn/

Pretty much making Andrea Zuckerman the only one entirely unaccounted for, a spokesperson for the CW's 90210 confirms that Joe E. Tata will reprise his role of Peach Pit diner owner Nat in the pilot episode.

Tata, 71, who thus far is only booked for the one guest appearance, tells the AP, "The coin's in the air. I guess it comes under the heading of... 'Let's see if the audience still remembers me.'"

To summarize:
" Kelly: Now a West Bev guidance counselor (played by Jennie Garth on a recurring basis)
" Donna: Clothing store owner, though Tori won't be in first episodes
" Brenda: Shannen Doherty is "in talks"
" Dylan: Luke Perry is holding firm with "No"
" David: BAG is (thankfully) busy with Terminator series
" Brandon: Jason Priestly is in talks to direct episodes
" Steve: Ian Ziering anxiously clutching cell phone?
" Andrea: Gabrielle Carteris, wherefore art thou?

Oh, but remember, the CW show is all about the new, young kids. And Lori Loughlin. - Matt Mitovich