Julie Benz Julie Benz

How poetic for Julie Benz that just two days after she retires one alter ego — Rita was buried in Dexter's September 26 premiere — the actress will debut her new character on No Ordinary Family. And not just any character, but a scientist named Stephanie who suddenly develops superspeed.

While Stephanie's husband, son and daughter will also receive superhero-style makeovers, initially only patriarch Jim (Michael Chiklis) will be fighting baddies, leaving Stephanie to apply her gift around the house. "She's been failing at being a mother and a wife, so there's some fun moments where you see her using her powers to make her life easier — like unloading the dishwasher," Benz says.

While this gig won't end up with her butchered in a bathtub, Benz is hardly clear of danger: She's sore from logging major time in a harness "to create the effect of superspeed and flipping. It's fun, but I'm paying the price." That's what you get for being a wife less ordinary.

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