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As the sarcastic and strapping Sawyer on Lost there were few things that rattled Josh Holloway. Taking on polar bears, the Others, and those creepy folks from the Dharma Initiative — no sweat! But when it comes to things that intimidate the actor in real life, the smoke monster doesn't hold a candle to the cast of NBC's Community.

"They're all so funny!" he told TV Guide Magazine of his guest stint on the show's season finale. "They're really tight with their comedy. It's rhythmic. It makes me feel so not very funny being around them. I was a little like, 'Uh oh. I'm not funny. I've got no rhythm.' But it worked out."

That may be an understatement, as Holloway, whose character engages in a paintball fight with the cast, received nothing but high marks from the show's actors. "He's such a man. So charming, and such a nice, nice man." gushed Yvette Nicole Brown to us last week. "He's playing a mysterious character and he's wonderful in the role. It's a role that written perfectly for him."

"It's a fun role," says Holloway of the experience. "I loved those guys. I had a really good time and they were so awesome. I'd worked with Chevy [Chase] before on a movie so I was honored to get to work with him again, and the rest of the cast."

Fans should enjoy Holloway's TV appearance — rumored to be an homage to The Man With No Name from Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy — because for now the actor is not looking into doing more television. "Well, right now I'm giving it a break because you have to sign that rather lengthy contract," he admits. "But I'm open with TV still. TV has changed quite a bit, even since Lost. There's a lot of great TV out there now, but I'm giving movies a shot, while I can." 

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