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Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns Monday from hiatus with brand new, post-split episodes that were handled with "great care and thoughtfulness" in light of Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce, according to TLC.

"Our approach to the circumstance was simple: to cover the family with great care and thoughtfulness as they dealt with a subject that is all too familiar to many American families today," Eileen O'Neill, TLC president and general manager, said at the Television Critics Association panel Thursday. "We will continue to capture this family's journey in a respectful and sensitive way."

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That involves monitoring the inclusion of the new people in Jon's and Kate's lives. O'Neill did not indicate if either Hailey Glassman or former Star

reporter Kate Major, both of whom have been spotted out with Jon in the last two weeks, will be on the show. "As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon and Kate's lives, we're taking it on a case-by-case basis," she said. "This is real life. It's important to remember that our cameras are only there for moments in time, and those moments have limits."A show rep could not confirm to TVGuide.com if either lady will be seen on the series.

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New faces or not, Jon & Kate will have new furniture. Moving forward, Jon and Kate will be filmed separately in new interview chairs, which will replace their "iconic couch," hardly shared by the estranged couple in Season 5's opening episodes. Only six of the ordered 40 episodes have aired before the show went on hiatus and new episodes are still a "work in progress," O'Neill said.Viewers will see Jon and Kate parent separately, from Jon trying to make pizza for his kids to Kate attempting to set up a camping tent in the backyard."Jon and Kate have never said they were perfect, which has made them relatable and created an undeniable connection with the viewers," O'Neill said.