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John Oliver Has a Few Words for People Treating Coronavirus Like the Hunger Games

He's back and angrier than ever about the state of the world

Allison Picurro

Last Week Tonight made its triumphant return to HBO on March 29 after a short hiatus due to the coronavirus-prompted late-night TV shutdown, and John Oliver wasted no time getting back in his groove. The segment focused largely on Trump and his response to the crisis, which Oliver repeatedly ripped into. However, Oliver also highlighted the work some public officials are doing to protect their states from the virus -- and, naturally, the public officials who are not.

Following a clip of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick saying he, as a senior citizen, was more concerned with the state of the economy than taking social distancing seriously, Oliver responded, "What are you talking about? First, if you really want to die so the U.S. economy can boom, we already have a system in place for that, and it's called Black Friday."

He then showed a clip of conservative pundit Glenn Beck saying he was "not afraid to die" to ensure the economy continued to boom, to which Oliver said, "You get that the coronavirus is not The Hunger Games, right? You can't volunteer yourself as tribute."

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Oliver went on to criticize Trump's initial delay in recognizing the pandemic, blasting him for his role in the nationwide shortage of medical supplies many hospitals are suffering. "Trump must be so confused by fire departments," Oliver said. "You walk into most houses, they've got some sinks, maybe a few cups. Now, all of a sudden, they're on fire and they say they need hundreds of gallons of water sprayed at them with hoses. 'I just don't buy it.'"

Oliver ended by recognizing the importance of grocery store workers, delivery workers, and medical professionals, imploring viewers to be mindful about following social distancing guidelines.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sundays at 11/10c on HBO.

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver