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Joe Jonas hopes to take his music-to-acting transition one step further by playing... a murderer? The 20-year-old tells he's always been intrigued by CSI-type shows and would love to go much darker than his fans expect of him. Jonas tells us which show he'd love to appear on and a few surprises about this summer's Jonas Brothers world tour. In the meantime, catch Jonas on TV Land's Hot in Cleveland and in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock 2, which debuts in September. Now that you've hit primetime, would you like to do more?
Joe Jonas: I've never done it before, other than the Disney channel stuff, so to do something like [Hot in Cleveland] was really interesting to me. Do you have a dream show you'd like to be on?
Jonas: I would say Lost, but it's over. I think CSI is cool — to be a murderer, or to die. I've always been intrigued by those shows. Would you want to do darker roles?
Jonas: As an actor, it's always fun to push the limits to what you can do. I've never gone out of the box with it, so that would be a lot of fun for me.

JONAS LA's Chelsea Staub: Kissing Joe Jonas is "definitely a good gig" You have Camp Rock 2 coming up. Any chance we can get a Camp Rock 3 on the big screen?
Jonas: Hey, let's do it! [Camp Rock 2] has an ending where it can continue. And you're all headed on a world tour.
Jonas: Yes, we head out on tour and the co-stars are coming along with us. We're making the movie even bigger than it is [by] bringing it on stage, having that music on stage, with all the different actors and musicians.

Check out photos of Joe Jonas Any surprises in store?
Jonas: There will definitely be surprises with the set [and] new music possibly. I think there will be quite a few new tracks out there for people to hear. Any thoughts on doing a solo album?
Jonas: I've been writing and recording a lot of music on my own, so we'll see where it goes. I'm looking forward to the future.