Joan Rivers by Amy Graves/ Joan Rivers by Amy Graves/

After being kicked off of British talk show Loose Women (the U.K.'s version of The View) for swearing on live air, Joan Rivers has issued an apology. Sort of.

According to People, the comedienne said in a statement, "Yes, I swore, and I'm so f---ing sorry." Rivers was promoting her new live show Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress By a Life in Progress when the conversation turned to difficult celebrities on the red carpet. Rivers then dropped the F-bomb and the grown-up word for poo to describe Russell Crowe. ( Watch for yourself.)

In her defense, Rivers thought she was on delay, even saying before uttering the offending phrase, "Get ready to bleep this." When the words went out uncensored, the host apologized, saying "Joan didn't realize we were absolutely live," and when the show went to commercial break, Rivers was asked to leave the set.

Still, Rivers is able to laugh at the incident. "It's funny: Offstage, I hardly ever use profanity," she said in her statement. "My favorite four-letter word is 'shop.'" What do you think about Rivers' potty mouth? - Adam Bryant