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The Jersey Shore cast — including new addition Deena Nicole Cortese — were welcomed with applause and techno music Friday at the Television Critics Association summer session. After showing a choice clip from an upcoming episode where somebody's fake breast implant is found in the Jacuzzi (Uh-oh!), the cast on command fist-pumped, hair-poofed and answered reporters' burning questions. We've compiled the most frickin' awesome quotes below:

On being the new girl: Cortese, who actually lives 20 minutes away from the Jersey Shore, told that joining the cast has been "a little nerve-wracking." But Cortese is used to GTL-ing and clubbing every day so she's fitting right in. "I'm very energetic, I'm going hard and you never know what you're going to get with me," she said.

Jersey Shore's new Jersey girl: Season 3 welcomes Deena Nicole Cortese

On Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's recent arrest: "I didn't hurt anybody," Polizzi said. "Stuff like that happens in Jersey. I was in the drunk tank for a little bit. I had too many tequilas. What are you gonna do?"

On those highly publicized contract negotiations to return for Season 3: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino admitted he may have convinced the cast they needed to move quickly and start shooting. Said Jenni "JWOWW" Farley: "We were going to go to Jersey regardless, but the contracts were just a bonus."

On the art of "snookin'": "Snookin' is when you're lookin'. If I'm snookin' for love, than I'm looking for love," Polizzi said. "If I snook' the night, then I took the night."

Jersey Shore's Snooki arrested on disorderly conduct charge

On representing Italians: "I happen to have spikey hair, a six pack and green eyes and it's working out for me," Sorrentino said. "We're not trying to portray Italian Americans. We're just being ourselves."

On President Obama's claim that he doesn't know who Snooki is: "Yes he does," Polizzi insisted with a laugh. "Obama knows who I am."

On representing the state of New Jersey: "We're not trying to say we're from Jersey," Vinny Guadagnino said. Farley said the show is about people from all over the east coast who travel to the shore for summer. "It's about getting a house... and having a good time."

On N.J. Governor Chris Christie himself: Sorrentino, who cooks every Sunday, says Christie is always welcome over for some sausage and peppers. "He can see how good the boardwalk is doing, how good the economy is going," Pauly Delvecchio said.

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On Snooki's many imitators on Saturday Night Live: "It's frickin' awesome," Polizzi said. "Anything anybody ever does about me, I love. Good or bad, it's all good publicity."

On how success has affected the show: "They did an unbelievable job of blocking that nonsense out," Delvecchio said about the show's crew. "We're still able to hit the clubs and kill it like we do."

On Miami versus Seaside Heights: "Miami is all about being seen," Farley said. "Jersey is like college, everyone just wants to have a good time... Jersey is closest to our hearts."

On being role models: "I don't think we're role models. We're just normal people," Polizzi said. "When I see 7-year-old girls and they're like, 'I envy you'. I'm like 'Why?' You've seen me party all the time — it's not something you should envy."

On how Jersey Shore has helped them grow (yes, you read that right): "I think the experience has made me mature a lot faster," Polizzi said. "Just knowing that I need to watch myself, and realizing who I am."