Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld

"I can't believe you held it in that long," Jerry Seinfeld said when a reporter finally interrupted a presentation of the comedian's new reality show The Marriage Ref for his take on NBC's late-night developments.

Leno leaving 10 o'clock timeslot

"I'm sure it was my fault," Seinfeld joked of The Jay Leno Show's declining ratings. "The tuxedo was way over the top," he added, referencing what he wore during his appearance on

Leno's debut show.But seriously, folks, Seinfeld does have an opinion. "I was thinking about the AOL Time Warner deal," he began. "Everyone says what a terrible deal it was... but it was the right idea, just at the wrong time. That's the way I feel about this."

What will replace Jay Leno at 10?

"I'm proud of NBC that they had the guts to try something different, and now they'll go on and try something else," he said of his favorite network.The Marriage Ref, in which a panel of celebrities and comedians will settle the real-life arguments of married couples, will air a sneak preview on Feb. 28, immediately following the closing ceremony of the Vancouver Olympic Games on NBC.