Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison

Awww, man. Does this mean more of her?

Last night, How I Met Your Mother once again spent way too much time trying to make Zoey happen, and honestly kids, it was so not fetch.

No shade on Jennifer Morrison, a fine actress with apparently limited comedic chops, but the character is just a lump of meh. While we won't go so far as to describe her in Barney's words (which were shockingly harsh, yet so true), we will say that she has worn out her welcome with all the yammering about saving that damn hotel and clear lack of potential. She's not the mother, so why are we wasting our time? And don't get us started on Morrison's complete lack of chemistry with Josh Radnor.

Still, the HIMYM writers continue to keep her around. Last night, they pretty much guaranteed us that she'll be bumming everyone out for the unforeseeable (and now unbearable) future by having Ted not just tell her he loves her, but also suddenly cave and side with her campaign to keep the Arcadian from being torn down. It may be time for the gang to pull out one of their old schticks and stage an intervention. Because Ted can do much better than Zoey... and we can just do without her.

Do you agree, or should we try to love Zoey for Ted's sake?

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