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Relive Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl Halftime Show with These GIFs

You know you want to

Amanda Bell

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on quite a show when they joined forces for Sunday's Super Bowl LIV halftime show live in front of a whopping 103 million viewers. Whether they notched a place among the all-time greats who took that same stage in the past remains to be seen, but both pop divas presented hits from their musical histories with the help of a few musical guests, as J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, and a children's choir joined the ladies for the 50-yard-line showcase.

Of course, the thing that everyone can't stop talking about was the visual spectacular Lopez and Shakira put on with their costumes, bold social statements, and killer dance moves. Considering how much hip-swiveling went down during the show, there's really no better way to relive the experience than savoring it moment by moment. So in the spirit of that, here are 33 GIFs that perfectly capture what made J.Lo and Shakira's showcase such a stunning affair.

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First of all, Shakira single-handedly made this bowling alley slide the new dance move of the season. Practice up, people.

There was also this baller moment when she rocked out on the guitar because, yeah, she can do that.

She then proceed to tie herself with a rope to make her moves that much more deliberate.

And, yep. It totally worked.

That rope turned into the feistiest prop pretty fast.

Every single bead of her costume had purpose, you guys.

Her side shake wasn't the only way Shakira could get down.

She also went for a surf with the crowd and kept. on. singing.

J.Lo knew how to make an entry, sliding in on a pole and creating her own little wardrobe malfunction right off the top.

She went for Beyonce's wind-blown, head-twirling crown.

Throwback leather designs were big in this portion of the show.

She clearly loved being "Jenny from the Block" for one more night.

This side walk was inspired.

Her floor slide game was outrageous in the best way too.

She was really into her high fives to the crowd.

J.Lo was digging deep into her slinky shoulder game.

Look at these little cuties who got to join in delivering their "go girls" anthem alongside J.Lo.

After the first outfit change, J.Lo once again hit the pole; we like to think this was her reminder to the Academy that they totally snubbed her for Hustlers.

Just look at this woman living up there.


She also played a little game of trust with her dancer crew to do this brave stage flip.

J.Lo also showed off her quick feet with this dance segment that'd make Michael Flatley jealous.

Her fun factor only increased as her dancers became full-on Fifth Elementcosplayers.


Who can forget this time when J.Lo turned into a full-on Puerto Rican and American flag to implore the masses to "let's get loud."

Her own daughter Emme was the ultimate spotlight-stealer, of course.

While J.Lo worked the mic, Shakira showed off her multitude of musician skills on the drums.

The step game was still on point for Shakira all the while, too.

Both J.Lo and Shakira know that people like to talk about their trunks, and they weren't afraid to give the crowds what they wanted.

And when it was all over, the two women gave a quick, but meaningful hug because, yes, there is room for two stars on a night like this, and just because we call 'em divas doesn't mean they have to act the part.