So I'm screening the deliciously dark and insight-rich Starz documentary Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (premiering this Friday the 13th at 9 pm/ET), and one of the many fascinating talking (but not severed) heads - "Mrs. Voorhees" herself, Betsy Palmer, perhaps it was - mentions in passing that Jason was born with Down Syndrome, and that's why he was taunted at the Camp Crystal Lake where he also ultimately [ Cough-cough] died. For whatever therapist*-befuddling reasons, I like to fancy myself a Friday the 13th buff, so this sound "bite" was, well, news to me.

Going to Pieces is chock-a-block with such horror vittles, and if you relish a good slasher pic and have Starz, it's can't-miss TV. John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Sean. S. Cunningham, Paul Lynch, Joseph Zito, Rob Zombie... they're all here, relating riveting anecdotes from their own dips into the blood pool, and offering insights as to what makes sick pics tick with filmgoers.

- Why is Halloween so rightfully revered by the industry's biggest auteurs? The long list of reasons is detailed here.

- How did Silent Night, Deadly Night nearly send the genre to a permanent dirt nap? Going to Pieces recounts the controversy.

- Why was the end of Happy Birthday to Me changed at the last minute? You'll find out why - and thus understand what Melissa Sue Anderson meant when she told me that it made her very upset.

- Exactly what is being chanted as Jason stalks his next nubile vic? " K-k-k-k, ma-ma-ma-ma." What's it mean? Betsy will tell you.

All told, if you love a bloody-good scare, Going to Pieces will slay you, as well as slake your thirst for blood. Your figurative thirst for theatrical blood, that is. [Wink-wink]

Last Halloween, I Q&A'd Jason himself, Kane Hodder. Check it out.

* The author does not actually see a therapist, but only uses the mention as a humor/storytelling device.