Jane Lynch Jane Lynch

Now that she's hung up her tracksuits for the season, Glee's Jane Lynch makes a return visit to Party Down as cater-waiter Constance Carmell in Friday's season finale (10/9c, Starz). As Sue Sylvester herself would say, outstanding.

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TV Guide Magazine: Welcome back to the Party!
Lynch: It was like coming home again. [Laughs] Honestly, I was a little distressed to see that it had gone on without me! 

TV Guide Magazine: Did you think they all forgot about you once Megan Mullally joined the show?
They were having fun and Megan fit in so well. They all told me that they missed me, but I don't believe them for a second.

TV Guide Magazine: At least you come back for a happy occasion, right?
Lynch: Yes, the guys are catering my reception. Constance has found love with a 75-year-old guy who's in a wheelchair and on oxygen. But she's just sweet and naive enough that she doesn't realize that she's probably not in love with him and, most likely, using him for his money!

So who are you closer to? Constance or Sue?
Lynch: They're all close to me. [Laughs] I can be naive, and I can be sinister and plotting.

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