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Jane Lynch will be the host of the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards — not her Glee alter ego Sue Sylvester.

Glee's Jane Lynch on her next role: Emmy host

"I think a little bit of Sue Sylvester goes a long way," Lynch said at the Television Critics Association press fall TV preview Friday. "There are some Sue ideas floating around out there, but I think we'll leave her track suit on the Paramount lot."As for what we will see, Lynch promises that she'll do almost any bit that works. Recalling Rob Lowe's famously disastrous number with Snow White at the Oscars in 1989, Lynch said, "My goal is that no one will cringe or that at least very few people will cringe."Reality guru Mark Burnett

will executive-produce the show, and he promises more short bits that will keep the three-hour telecast moving along. "Pacing is most important thing," he said. "If [awards shows] are  just about giving out awards, it can slow down. ...It's about having fun."

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Apparently, that will also extend the in memoriam montage. "It doesn't need to be a bummer," he said. "It can be a celebration... a raising up of the work that was left behind.  We want to raise up, not bring down."Burnett, who has produced several of MTV's awards shows in the past few years, also promises to bring a little bit of irreverence to the "edgier" Fox network in terms of poking fun at Hollywood. But don't expect it to go as far as Ricky Gervais' controversial Golden Globes performance."How far can you take the joke with your mother before she comes back at you?" asked John Shaffner, the chairman of Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. "It's about how much love and affection you bring to the poke."Adds Lynch: "My sensibility ... [doesn't] have that kind of snarkiness that [Gervais] has. Though I am a huge fan of his and I laughed quite a few times."The 63rd Annual Emmy Awards air Sunday, Sept. 18 at 8/7c on Fox.