American Idol by Frank Micelotta/Fox American Idol by Frank Micelotta/Fox
Update: To see what Sanjaya told about his wild style and the thought of possibly quitting, check out the TV Guide News Report. Was Sanjaya a car crash people couldn't turn away from, or was he a deterrent that, now removed, might boost the No. 1 television show's numbers even higher? Whatever the effect the 17-year-old's long-in-the-coming ouster has on ratings, executive producer Ken Warwick isn't fretting. "To be honest with you, and with all due modesty, we're big enough that the ratings don't bother us too much at this stage. We know that were going to be bigger than anybody else," he told when asked about a Sanjaya-free show perhaps fascinating fewer people. "If they drop considerably, there'd be a reason for us to agonize over them, but the truth of the matter is that on a weekly basis, [

Idol aims to] make the most out of all the drama and everything that happens. We honestly don't pay that much attention to [the numbers]." Sorta the same way Sanj' didn't pay attention to projecting his voice further than two feet in front of him. Are you more or less inclined to watch Idol with Sanjaya gone? Vote here.