Desperate Housewives' Kyle MacLachlan and wife Desiree Gruber had initially decided to keep her pregnancy a secret, but when the excited dad-to-be told a German magazine about the baby, the news was out in a matter of minutes. "Heidi Klum called me and she said, 'Did you know it's all over Germany that you're pregnant?'" Gruber told TV Guide this weekend. "So I e-mailed Kyle and said, 'Germany?' He was like, 'Oh, I didn't think that interview would come out for a while.'" The couple arrived at the legendary Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party elegantly dressed but carrying some unusual condiments. "I crave yellow mustard. I never liked that before," said Gruber, "but now I'm so obsessed with yellow mustard that Kyle carries packets of French's mustard everywhere." The couple's baby is due at the end of July and they are anxious to find out whether to buy pink or blue onesies. "I'm dying to know [the gender]. I'm an organizer, I'm a planner. I need to know these things," adds Gruber. Just don't expect MacLachlan to keep it a secret. - Carita Rizzo