Robert Sean Leonard, House Robert Sean Leonard, House

This season's House has offered up character-centric episodes focusing on Dr. House and individual members of his team. In Monday's episode, titled "Wilson," House's best bud gets his turn.

"You see my assistant [whom] you've never met. You see the oncology floor. You see where I work," Robert Sean Leonard said of the upcoming episode revolving around his character. "I have my own patients and my own day that doesn't include House. So you basically follow Wilson around for a few days and see what his life is like."

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In the episode, one of Wilson's old friends (The West Wing's Josh Malina) displays paralysis in his arm and enters Princeton-Plainsboro as a patient. Wilson takes the case but refuses to believe the patient's cancer has returned, so he works with the team to diagnose him with more hopeful results.

"I has some moral decisions to make throughout the show," says Leonard. "It's a personal case for me."