Lisa Lisa

At one point, a cleaner on Monday's episode of Hoarders (9/8c, A&E) compares the house of Lisa, one of this week's hoarders, to the one in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. But the episode reveals its macabre core way earlier than that: In the scene below, Lisa and her daughter discuss Lisa's ghoulish culinary tendencies. These include cookies made out of dry mealworm bodies and a pie filled with raw chicken hearts.

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As horrifying as it sounds, there's a real sense of tragedy that informs Lisa's cooking: She's an artist whose abusive husband forbade her from expressing the full extent of her creativity. She was allowed to cook and so, to hear her daughter tell it, "[She] just channeled all of her anger and rage into her cooking."

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Watch Lisa and her daughter describe this food preparation in the preview: