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When How I Met Your Mother ended its run after nine seasons, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas found themselves left with roomfuls of the comedy's inanimate actors: the many props used as sight gags and personal touches on set. And when a show calls it quits, its actors are notorious for raiding the closets and taking home the mementos from set they want the most. So which How I Met Your Mother actors ran off with what? 

Thomas and Bays spoke to Yahoo! TV about the mad dash for props, including their own prized possessions.

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"When the end was still a ways off, we were all like, 'Whatever I get, I get, it's not a big deal — memories are all I need,'" said Thomas. "Then when the end got closer, people were suddenly like, 'MINE!'" 

Neil Patrick Harris walked off with Barney's Playbook, Cobie Smulders appropriately took Robin Sparkles' denim jacket, and Alyson Hannigan ended up with the little red phone booth from Lily and Marshall's apartment, but only after fighting over it with Bays. Bays didn't leave empty handed though. He went home with the swords from the apartment.  

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Fans will have their chance to get their hands on some How I Met Your Mother memorabilia. As a tie-in to the Sept. 23 release of How I Met Your Mother Season 9 on DVD, the website The Prop-erty Vault will give away knicks and knacks from the show to lucky winners of a random draw.

Which prop from How I Met Your Mother would you like to have?

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