The more and more I ask people about what they watched over the past week, the more I'm finding out that they're digging into the crates of television of years past. That's great! You can't just watch the latest and greatest; word-of-mouth isn't always immediately electric and sometimes a great show that you missed finds just the right time to come back into your life. That's kind of what we're trying to do here, as you'll see in a few of the shows that the TV Guide staff is currently obsessed with (or re-obsessed with).

Each week, we'll poll the office to see what everyone's been watching and pass those suggestions along. Or, you know, if you just want to see what's up with our personal lives, we'll throw in some of that too.

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<p>Penn Badgley, <em>YOU</em> </p>

Penn Badgley, YOU

I honestly thought I was going to hate this show; I let old-school preconceived notions of Lifetime and the weird idea that this was just Gossip Girl gone wrong get in my head — and I was very, very mistaken. YOU is thrilling and sexy and you know what, it's even really damn funny at times. I've seen the first five episodes — only one has aired so far, but catch it Sundays at 9/8c on Lifetime — and have been on the edge of my seat for every single one. Penn Badgley is equally charming and terrifying as Joe, a bookstore manager obsessed with a pretty MFA student (Elizabeth Lail), but honestly Shay Mitchell is the real delight here in a wicked turn from her days on Pretty Little Liars. I'm here for Peaches, all the way. - Megan Vick, Associate Editor

Whenever someone talks about watching Orange Is the New Black I always immediately interrupt them and ask, "But have you seen Wentworth?" This Australian drama about a women's prison is one of the most addictive and underappreciated shows out there right now. The sixth season just hit Netflix last week, and while it isn't quite as great as the previous five, nothing will ever get in between me and Franky (Nicole da Silva), even if the former inmate is currently trapped in an idiotic storyline that has her on the run trying to prove her innocence. (Did I mention this season wasn't as great as the previous five?) - Sadie Gennis, Senior Editor

Random Acts of Flyness
I just finished Random Acts of Flyness, the late-night HBO program from (TV) newcomer Terence Nance. I'll admit that when I watched the first episode, I found it simply interesting and novel but not necessarily vital. But it was the second episode, which I watched buzzed late one weekend night when I should have been sleeping, that turned me into a fan. Random Acts of Flyness is unapologetically strange, and disconnected from narrative form and structure; it goes off on bizarre asides and tangents and switches up its look mid-stream. It is also unapologetically black, diving deep into painful historical truths and occasional conspiracy theories — the kind you'd only hear in black barbershops or see in books on the streets of Harlem. It's wild. It's so wild that it makes Atlanta look like black-ish. Watching it, you can't quite believe how well it's produced, and how in the hell it got on HBO. But it's rewarding, if only for the ways it firmly establishes the margins of what's "out-there" in turn pushing the medium forward and changing what's possible for creators and storytellers of all backgrounds. - Malcolm Venable, Senior Editor

This won't be shocking to literally any person who's ever met me, but I've been rewatching Justified again. And after a lot of research, I've come to a couple of new conclusions about this show. First and foremost: Season 3 is Peak Raylan Hotness. It just is. Second, although Season 2 was the show at its very best, Season 3 includes what might be the single best line of the entire series. At the very end of the third episode, Raylan confronts Wynn Duffy in the Wynnebago. After punching him and generally kicking his ass, Raylan pops a bullet out of his gun, drops it on Wynn's chest and tells him "Next one's coming faster." And that, my friends, is why I'm rewatching Justified for what might actually be the sixth time. Also Boyd Crowder. - Kaitlin Thomas, Senior Editor

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