Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp

Question: Please help us save Everwood!

Answer: Short of holding Dawn Ostroff hostage, I don't know what else I can do except urge everyone to watch next Monday's two-hour series finale. Maybe if more than seven million viewers tune in, Dawn will give it a reprieve just like she did 7th Heaven. Hey, wait a second I just thought of something else I can do. I can share with you guys this exclusive audio clip show-runner Rina Mimoun sent me from the finale. I'll let her explain what it is: "It's a song we're using for our big Ephram-Amy clip-montage piece that's in the final hour. It's brand new, never been heard before  not even on Grey's Anatomy, if you can believe it! It's from two singers you may already know: Inara George (who has been all over Grey's Anatomy) and Rod Jones of Idlewild, a groovy band from Scotland. These two artists formed a new group called George Is Jones and we got first dibs on this amazing song called "Ruins." I hope you love it. And as you listen, imagine Ephram and Amy from Season 1. It's sad stuff, my friend. Sad stuff." (Warning: She speaks the truth.)