Heidi Montag by Jesse Grant/WireImage.com Heidi Montag by Jesse Grant/WireImage.com

On the heels of Monday's season premiere of The Hills, Heidi Montag's latest single has hit the 'net - minus (so far) another home-video type of production from now-maybe-former fiancé Spencer Pratt.

Yes, while Lauren was cavorting with beaux boys in Paris (cruising till dawn on a Vespa with a scruffy musician), Heidi was apparently readying her latest track, "No More," plus doing a little deep thinking in the mountains of Colorado. Her heavy heart is apparent in the song's musings on love lost and in its synthesized vocals and lonely, piano-like underpinnings ( listen to it here!).

After sending Spencer home, getting some TLC from her mom and releasing this latest single, is Ms. Montag on her way to a Hills-free life as a pop star? Or should she be clinging to Spencer - and her day job - for dear life? - Anna Dimond

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