HBO's Entourage is expanding. In yet another sign of the boys' growing popularity, the show's third season (which launches in June) will consist of 20 episodes six more than last year and more than double the Season 1 order. "HBO's happy with it, and they want to have as many episodes this year as they can," notes series creator Doug Ellin, who concedes that the increased workload "is pretty daunting."

With production scheduled to begin in a matter of weeks, shouldn't Ellin be writing scripts instead of chatting with, well, me? Oops, wrong question. Um, can we have a wee bit of preview? "We're going to be dealing with Vince and the release of 'Aquaman,'" he reveals, "and whether it's going to take him to the next level, kind of a Leo status, or be a disaster." As for the matinee idol's romantic travails, he'll have "dozens" of girlfriends, says Ellin. "He's coming out of a relationship [with Mandy Moore], so he's hitting the single life a little harder this year."

Fallen rep Ari, meanwhile, will open his own boutique agency. "He'll be attempting to resurrect himself. It's going to be a big roller coaster for him." And what about Lloyd, Ari's much-abused gay assistant? "We'll kind of see the brutal side of what those guys have to do to even get the slightest promotion," Ellin says. "He'll be kind of hazed by Ari." OK, now you can get back to work, Doug.