HBO's Golden Globe after-party, held poolside at Griff's Restaurant at the Beverly Hills Hilton immediately following Sunday's ceremony, had the feel of a warm-and-fuzzy family reunion. Only this clan was unusually attractive, bore little resemblance to each other and had very expensive taste (fresh Maine Lobster was the main course). Still, as Sopranos leading lady Edie Falco explained to TV Guide Online, like most families, the HBO brood have a knack for pulling together when it matters most.

"When Six Feet Under won [for best drama series], I jumped up with excitement because I'm such a huge fan of the show," Falco gushed. "But then I realized, 'Oh, wait a second. If they won then we didn't win.'"

Well, the mob from The Sopranos may have gone home empty-handed, but it was hard to find many other Globe grousers at HBO's bash. With six trophies, the pay cabler was the most-honored network of the night. What's fueling the hot streak? "In my limited experience, HBO is a place that really leaves you alone and lets you do what they hired you to do — as opposed to second-guessing everything that you decide," Six Feet creator Alan Ball explained. "As a creative person, that's a great environment to work in."

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was celebrating her — and her show's — third-consecutive Globe victory. "It feels like the first time every single time," she said. "It's remarkable."

Parker's Sex alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, would have been in seventh heaven at the shindig: Everywhere you turned there was a hot young actor from Band of Brothers — which rounded out HBO's winning trifecta by scoring best miniseries honors. Among the revelers was Colin Hanks, whose pa, Tom, produced and directed the World War II epic with Steven Spielberg.

"To be on a project — even for one episode — and to meet all these amazing actors and to be accepted in a group that just loves each other so much, that's an experience that you do not get often," marveled the Orange County star, who played 2nd Lieutenant Henry Jones in Brothers.

Other HBO nominees-winners making an appearance at Griff's included Ron Livingston and Damian Lewis from Brothers, Stanley Tucci (Conspiracy), Barry Pepper (61*), and Six Feet's Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths. Among the non-HBOers in attendance were Ghost World's Steve Buscemi, presenter Andy Garcia (Ocean's Eleven), The Guardian's Alan Rosenberg and Monster's Ball beauty Halle Berry — a previous HBO Golden girl for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

Might Berry — now a full-blown movie star thanks to a string of successful films (X-Men, Swordfish, Ball), not to mention a role in the next Bond flick — be missing her old clan? For her part, Falco admits there's no place like home. "HBO takes such good care of the people that work for them," she gushed. "They're like good parents." (Only these parents give their kids really good allowances.)