HBO is setting up shop in Americatown in its new series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the cabler is teaming up with writer Bradford Winters to develop the futuristic drama that will explore the mass exodus of U.S. citizens to a foreign city following the country's global financial decline.

Hits a little bit close to home, no?

The timing is purely coincidental. Winters has been tinkering with the idea for more than a decade, researching skyrocketing oil prices and various natural disasters. But he says the country's current economic situation isn't far from making Americatown a reality.

"What is happening right now is such a terrible disaster for so many people and, in some ways, I think it makes it less hard to argue that the events in Americatown are impossible," he said.

Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy will produce Americatown. No word yet on a premiere date. - Joyce Eng