Wilson Bethel, Rachel Bilson, Scott Porter Wilson Bethel, Rachel Bilson, Scott Porter

Hart of Dixie's season-long love triangle, well hexagon, finally came to a head at the end of Season 1, leaving the town doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) with a major decision to make: Should she be with boy-next-door George (Scott Porter) or bad boy Wade (Wilson Bethel)?

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During the freshman finale, George and Lemon (Jamie King) called off their wedding, Lemon's one-time affair Lavon (Cress Williams) moved on and Zoe and Wade ultimately hooked up — just before George confessed his love for Zoe at her doorstep. So now that Zoe has two men in her complicated small-town life, who will she pick?

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When the CW series returns (Tuesday, 8/7c), "Zoegate," as Lavon says in the promo here, is in full effect. George finds out about the hookup, while Wade thinks he and Zoe should continue their new relationship between the sheets.  A conflicted Zoe will eventually make a decision, executive producer Leila Gerstein promises.

Check out our (mostly) pros and one con for each man in Zoe's life:

1) He plays guitar. (So sexy!)
2) He's rescued and bailed Zoe out on many occasions.
3) Their constant bickering has clearly been masking major sexual tension and chemistry.
4) He makes a mean gumbo.
5) Revealing his history with helping his dad shows he's selfless under the surface.

1) He doesn't have the most steady or glamorous career as the bartender for the local joint, the Rammer Jammer.

1) He's a successful lawyer.
2) He and Zoe have bonded over their history with New York.
3) They've been close since their first meeting.
4) His sweet Southern charm is undeniable.
5) He was determined to make his relationship with Lemon work, proving his commitment.

1) Although it was clear he had feelings for Zoe, he continued to stay with Lemon, only deciding to go after her at the last minute!

Who do you want Zoe to end up with?