"Hilarious" is probably not the first adjective that springs to mind when one thinks of Harrison Ford. "Heroic," yes, "cool," almost definitely, but "hilarious"? A look back at his past credits, though, reveals that this action icon is no stranger to comedy — a fact he's more than happy to emphasize.

"I have done comedies from the very beginning of my career," Ford says. "I've always considered the Indiana Jones movies to be comedies. In Star Wars, I had a comedic role to play. And then I've done a lot of romantic comedies, like Sabrina and Six Days, Seven Nights, which by their nature are somewhat less funny than this movie is."

"This movie" is Hollywood Homicide, Ford's most recent effort, which finds the 60-year-old actor starring as an LAPD detective opposite Josh Hartnett. Directed by Ron Shelton (Bull Durham), the film mixes action and comedy, giving Ford the chance to crack wise while he's pursuing the bad guys. "I like making comedies, but what I'm always looking for is the best material that I can find, the best people that I can work with, and something different than what I've done lately," he explains. "I think I got a lot of that with this opportunity."

For all Ford's enthusiasm, Hollywood Homicide hasn't exactly made a killing at the box office; the film grossed a disappointing $11.7 million its opening weekend. His next project, however, has blockbuster written all over it — the long-awaited fourth Indiana Jones adventure. Ford won't spill any details ("I'm looking forward to working with Steven [Spielberg] again" is all he'll offer), but the film appears set to go before cameras sometime next year with an eye towards a possible Independence Day 2005 release.

Meanwhile, Ford already seems to be getting back into character. Asked if he has any favorite quotes from his many movies, he chooses Dr. Jones' well-remembered quip, "It's not the years, it's the mileage." "I still like to insist that," the once and future Indy says, smiling. "I may be old, but I'm relatively low mileage."